Of the Students, By the Students, For the Students!

  • Industry
  • Duration
    ~ 3 months
  • Tech Stack
    Hasura, NodeJS, React Native


Students: they’re smart, they’re trendy and they’re hungry. They know a good deal when they see one. However, there’s a catch to being loyal to their favorite brands - it depletes their pocket money! They are always trying to balance academics, hobbies, leisure and a social life on a shoestring budget. 

Couldn’t there be a way for businesses to attract GenZ to their stores without putting a dent in their pockets?


Remics answers this bugging question with a simple app that offers discounts to young students on the most popular outlets and franchises so that they don’t have to make a choice between craving a cheeseburger and being fashionable!

Product Overview

The Remics app provides an exclusive suite of products to students at prices suitable to them. Be it food, fashion or entertainment, installing the app on your phone gives you complete access to various discounts on brands.

Brand Collaborations

Joining hands with a number of franchises and small-scale businesses in food, fashion and entertainment meant that we had to get the app up and running in the fastest time possible. Offers and discounts are heavily reliant on the time of the year because of their seasonal nature, so going live soon was one of our topmost priorities. Some of these brands are popular haunts for students - Mad Over Donuts, Charcoal Eats, Rebel Foods, etc and easily attract flocks of students to their doorstep.

Overcoming challenges

Being short on time really makes us think on our toes and find a solution that balances efficiency with quality of code. With Remics, time was a challenge because the app was stated to be live in a short amount of time. The goal was to find a tech stack which was battle-tested, easy to adopt and scalable. Our research led us to finalise React Native which makes it possible to run the program on both Android and iOS. We managed to get the app tested and running just in time with React Native - cutting down the development time as well as cost by almost 60%!

Luck or genius?

Unique problems encourage us at Agnostech to experiment and come up with diverse solutions. One such solution was to go with Hasura in the backend which was still in its Beta stage. Hasura is a GraphQL engine that runs on PostgreSQL and comes with a host of different features like CRUD queries, role-based authentication, event triggers, and support for custom GraphQL queries. Using Hasura was clearly the best decision because its alternative, REST API would have required scores of back and forth between the frontend and backend engineering teams, ultimately increasing the overall development time.

Dynamic Home Page

Hosting a number of brands across multiple categories that ensure a fair amount of visibility to all of them requires a dynamic Home Page. It was designed in a way to promote different businesses catering to the students’ tastes and moods based on their location. Adopting Hasura gave us add-on features such as GraphQL queries for all CRUD operations along with the capability to write custom GraphQL queries. With Hasura, requesting dynamic data for the Home Page became convenient and less prone to error.

Additional Features

Remics has some interesting features like Remics-exclusive limited time offers for students which can be saved in the wallet to be used later. A simple Search feature lets students make dedicated searches and make an informed choice about where to spend and how to spend.

  • A student-only platform: With a secure verification system in place we make sure this student-only platform remains exclusively so. We help businesses reach their target audience and build brand loyalty for them.
  • Area-exclusive Partnerships: Remics is designed to balance brand profits and student convenience. Competition between outlets is taken care of by offering area-exclusive partnerships across cities.
  • Your brand, your offers: Remics makes sure that the partnership is always beneficial to both the business and the students who use Remics. This collaborative effort is aimed at increasing the visibility of the brands without inducing any loss.
  • Free Sign-up: We on-board brands with zero sign-up fee. Small and big brands can tie up with us and enjoy the loyalty of students through the app.
App downloads on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
App rating with amazing feedback from the student community.
Registered users and counting across PAN India.

“We ran a marathon together for two straight months. What we achieved together has been exceptional. Thanks for being smart and helping us hit the market at the right time!”

Manoj Pillai
CEO, Remics