Training & Certification


We preach what we pratice.

The leaders at Agnostech offer valuable insights through agnosTeach, into tech, gained from working on live projects, which is relatively new and is stirring the global markets currently.

  • 60+ hours of training spread over 8 days.
  • Industry experts as trainers who have been there done that.
  • Certificate of completion and internship opportunities with Agnostech and its partners.


A gruelling, 60+ hour comprehensive training program spread over 8 days, aims to provide curated technical know-how, hands-on experience and in-depth analyses to inquisitive learners. Those who enrol for this rigorous course will be awarded a certificate and internship opportunities at Agnostech and its partners


Technology advances so rapidly these days, you practically wake up to a new invention every day. This makes aspiring engineers be up-to-date on all the latest developments in tech around the world and be competent for a career they like instead of settling for a job on the proverbial trodden path.

agnosTeach is determined to help fresh graduates, students and corporate youngsters to channel their curiosity and zeal to learn about the latest technologies.

Where there is a will, there’s a successful career!


Machine Learning
This course primarily focuses on statistical and basic Deep Learning(DL) methods. Students will begin their journey by learning necessary python and math skills, then gradually progress into connected machine learning concepts. At the end of this course, students will be able to explain the difference between AI, ML, and DL, understand relevant statistical and algebraic concepts. Students will be skilled to implement machine learning algorithms in Natural Language and Regression systems along with their production grade deployment techniques.
Product Desiging
User Experience in Technology goes back to the time we created computers. Design has helped bridge the gap between humans and machines ever since. This course gives an overview of various sub-studies in the area of UX (User Experience) design and discusses its practical applications in detail. Starting with basic design principles, the course will move ahead to implementations like wire-framing, prototyping, creating user stories, etc. By the end, students will have a thorough knowledge of the theory and processes involved in product designing.
The workshop would revolve around modules like D-apps, basic working of cryptography, mining process and other algorithms, token building, front-end integrations, security aspects, playing with different development tools and frameworks. They would also gain an insight into the latest experiments happening around this technology, a sneak-peek into the crypto world, how it sustained the wrath of hackers and perhaps the boot camp could eventually evoke the next million dollar idea in the young brilliant minds of the students.
Front End Development - ReactJS
Through this course, we introduce all the students to ReactJS. We will dive deep into the fundamentals of web and Javascript (ES6), visualize the internals of browsers, analyze latencies. Students will explore state-of-the-art ways of building Single Page Applications using React's principle of Reactive Programming. At the end of these training sessions, students will be well equipped with knowledge and tools to take control of front-end development.
Backend Development - Microservices
In this course, we will primarily focus on design principles and implementations techniques. The main verticals include inter-service communication protocols, containerization techniques, scalability strategies, service security, and testing. With a project driven approach, students will experience building products the industry way and and along the way, we also realize the pros and cons of microservices over monolithic architecture.
Full Stack Development - MERN
In this course, students will learn the latest technologies in the market in the domains of front end and back end development. The course will cover the technologies such as MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS and NodeJS. At the end of the training, students will be well equipped to build an entire end-to-end full stack application, following the best practices and production grade deployment standards. Become an all-rounder!

agnosTeach 3.0 coming soon! Keep an eye here to know more.